Dr.Wanli MIN    Founder/CEO

Former Chief Machine Intelligence Scientist at Alibaba; member of the National Strategic Advisory Committee on Next Generation of AI; Dr. Min is a leading expert in industrial intelligence and business innovations powered by data technology and mathematics, who was named “One of the World’s top AI Leaders” by Forbes in 2017.

As a pioneer, Dr. Min devotes himself to attain the vision of advancing inclusive technology for social good, through accelerating digital transformation of the traditional industries and combining AI technologies with traditional sectors.

Wei MIAO    Cofounder/COO

Former Vice President and Chief Political Commissar at Alibaba Group, who was responsible for the overall operation of Alibaba Group and the organizational system of Alibaba IDST (the predecessor of Alibaba DAMO Academy).

Wei has promoted the strategic implementation and the industrialization of cloud computing at Alibaba Group and achieved breakthrough achievements: the revenue has increased by 40 times, the valuation has increased by 80 times, and the number of employees has increased by 10 times in five years.

Ben CHEN   Cofounder/President

Former Vice President of China region and General Manager of Southwest headquarters at Alibaba Group.

With more than 20 years of IT, DT and Internet industry experience, Bin Chen is one of the first group of practitioners who brought industrial Internet into enterprises.

He used to be the General Manager of South China at Microsoft in charge of businesses related to SAP and Oracle.

Rocky YU   Cofounder/CTO

Former Architect of Middle Layer Platform and the main developer of Xinghuan Technology System (the core of the middle layer platform) supporting core e-commerce businesses at Alibaba Group.

He previously served as Chief Architect at Huawei and the products he developed and launched have generated billions of dollars in revenue each year.

Jinming WANG    Cofounder/CDO

One of the main developers of Alibaba Cloud’s Data Intelligence Unit “ET Brain” with many years experience in big data and AI.He has implemented several impressive industrial intelligent projects such as Smart Scheduling and Dispatching Platform for KuaiDi and Eleme, Intelligent Supply Chain for Mengniu and Haidilao, and ET Urban Brain with his team.

Tyler WANG    VP/Managing Director QT International

Tyler is a leading digital and cloud solution global leader and has led technical teams in many jurisdictions including many LDCs. As a 25+ year veteran in technology, he was previously the European Managing Director for Alibaba Cloud and has deployed many new retail, smart banking solutions across the region.

Tyler is currently leading on highly complex digital venture models which includes media, new retail and fintech solutions.

Fabian WONG    VP/Chief Marketing Officer

Previously, Fabian led as Deloitte Digital’s Managing Partner, and was a Global Client Service Partner, Global Markets Partner at Ernst & Young in London. He was also the Executive Creative Director for a global top 5 creative agency in Asia.

In his 20+ years of professional experience, he led in multiple global digital strategy and transformation projects for customer strategy, digital marketing, m-commerce, experience, data and AI.

Siva TIAN    VP/Global Digital Strategist

Previously, Siva was the Chief Science Officer at Genpact and headed its Global AI practice in New York.

She has led digital transformation practice for various Fortune 500 companies to drive their digital transformation journey by providing high impact advisory, thought leadership, actionable insights, customized solutions and guidance on implementation.

Aman WANG    Global Net Zero and Sustainability Leader, London

Advised seven out of eight Chinese banks setting up branches in London.
An IT Consultant by training, he led multiple transformation programs across 12 jurisdictions in Power,Transport, Mining and Financial Services sectors, and achieved improved effectiveness and efficiency through information system, business process, operating model and governance.

First and only Chinese Partner in KPMG UK, Aman quintupled the firm’s revenue in the Chinese market since 2011 and developed in-depth relations with China-related clients both in the UK and China, government or corporate.

Jamie CHEN    Global Retail Data Strategy Leader, London

Jamie leads retail analytics and 120+ strong Data Science community within Deloitte’s AI & Analytics Consulting division.

He has worked with a number of clients, both in the UK and internationally, to deliver analytics transformation programmes which provides data-driven strategic insight and solutions with the use of cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning.

He has over 10 years of experience in helping retailers use data analytics and advanced machine learning to convert data into insight and cash.

CityWISE Team

Rich experience in urban brain architecture creates a highly complete, sustainable, and regionally bright urban smart platform for urban development.

IndustryWISE Team

Technologists focusing on innovation and industrial practice create a value-driven, efficient and synergistic industrial Internet platform for industrial development.

International Team

Global digital transformation strategy expert team, digital solution leader, rich practical experience in digital transformation.