II· Agriculture


11 Aug: Asia’s leading agricultural and poultry company

Our client has the world’s largest power transmission capacity and the largest scale of new energy grids. It has invested and operated in 9 countries including China, the Philippines, Brazil, Portugal, Australia, Italy, Greece, Oman, and Chile.
Our AI solutions provided intelligent dispatching technology for its enterprise distribution network maintenance plans, and also governs the monitoring and dispatching work of manual dispatchers for a large number of repetitive positive-division planned maintenance.


10 Aug: Asia’s leading agricultural industrialization group

Our client is a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialisation, a member of the United Fresh Products Association of the United States.

They established more than 20,000 hecters of self-owned bases in Asia and established more than 80,000 hecters of contractual cooperation bases, achieving a 365-day annual stable supply of various varieties of vegetables.

Our IoT smart planting system realises automatic temperature, water and fertilizer controls creates the most suitable temperature and humidity environment for vegetable growth and increases production.