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12 Aug: Smart Transport

With the rapid development of cities, the number of motor vehicles in Tier 1 cities on the east coast has increased year by year, the gap between transportation supply and demand has increased, and the insufficient police force has become increasingly prominent. The city launched the “City Brain” project, which uses big data as a breakthrough in traffic jam control to realize artificial intelligence-assisted decision-making.


11 Aug: Smart Brain

A provincial capital city in North China launched the “City Brain” project to promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence with the real economy, expand and strengthen the digital economy, and create new industries, new formats, and new models that meet local positioning.


11 Aug: Digital City

A tourist city in Southeast Asia introduces the “Urban Brain” plan, using transportation as the entry point to expand to the transformation of municipal infrastructure, urban construction planning, energy infrastructure allocation, parking lot planning, digital planning, and so on.