Smart Transport

With the rapid development of cities, the number of motor vehicles in Tier 1 cities on the east coast has increased year by year, the gap between transportation supply and demand has increased, and the insufficient police force has become increasingly prominent. The city launched the “City Brain” project, which uses big data as a breakthrough in traffic jam control to realize artificial intelligence-assisted decision-making.


Our solution: The urban intelligent hub takes over 1,300 intersections out of more than 5,000 intersections in the city, monitors traffic flow, congestion index, delay index and other urban traffic indicators in real time around the clock, integrates multi-party data resources, and automatically compares and monitors road conditions to detect congestion and send it out early warning;
By monitoring the real-time information of 50,000 roads, the frequency of traffic light switching was adjusted.

National Congestion Ranking
▼  52

In the ranking of the most congested cities in the country, the city dropped from 5th in 2016 to 57th in 2018

Regional traffic flow and vehicle speed increased by
▲  15%

Regional traffic flow and vehicle speed increased by 15%/p>

Ambulance arrival time
▼  50%

Ambulances arrive at the scene reduced by 50% of the original time

Main city time alarm
Accuracy  92%/span>

In the major area, the City Brain reports more than 500 incidents per day, with an accuracy rate of 92%, which significantly improves the directionality of law enforcement.

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