Fragrant Property, Coral Group and QT to Build Community WISE O2O Platform Collectively
Globaltimes 2020-11-16

Fragrant Property, Coral Group and Quadtalent reached an in-depth cooperation agreement on the 16th of November, 2020. According to the agreement, the three parties will leverage their respective strengths in industry, operation and technology to build the first Community WISE O2O Platform in Thailand together.
The platform takes residents’ living experience as the core and builds an online service platform around community living scenarios. By applying IoT + AI technologies,the platform realizes the interconnection of people, objects, and life. It provides residents with comprehensive community services, such as smart access, smart billing, smart life and smart property services, and creates a new service model of digital property and smart property in Thailand.
Fragrant Property was founded in 2003. It has been dedicated to real estate development & management and high-quality real estate innovations. It is also the first real estate company that introduces the world’s advanced environmental protection technology to Thailand.
By adhering to the concept of technology and environmentalism, James Duan, Chairman of Fragrant Property, constantly explores new service formats and models in the real estate industry. The community WISE O2O platform will be an innovative exploration in the real estate industry in the new era of digital economy.
After the platform is launched, residents can use the App to make payments, instant repair, complaints and suggestions, etc. Residents can also enjoy smart access, including face-to-door access, automatic vehicle access, smart visitor invitation, etc. Furthermore, residents can experience digitally-driven localized community services such as housekeeping, house maintenance, nursing, community-based group buying, as well as community social activities.
Property management operators can leverage the intelligence of the platform for more efficient community management and services, which includes staff management, task maintenance management, intelligent security, etc. Technology empowers community operations. It provides residents efficient and low-cost property services, smart community experience and more personalized value-added services.
Since the Thai government launched the “Thailand 4.0 Strategy”, Thailand has embarked on the path of industrial innovation-driven economy. Online shopping and life-style services have become increasingly popular. Especially this year, affected by the COVID-19, the development of online services has been accelerated. James Duan said, “The real estate industry is going to move into the digital economy era. When users’ habits gradually migrate to online, how to use new technologies to meet users’ needs and improve property management and service level is the direction that Fragrant Property should explore. It is hoped to promote the digital and intelligent development of the real estate industry in Thailand and provide more convenient and high-quality community services for residents with the help of Quadtalent ‘s platform, big data and artificial intelligence capabilities.”
It is noticed that the Community WISE O2O platform will be officially launched in 2021. At the same time, its technical capability will be open to the entire industry, helping the traditional real estate industry to explore a new digitized business model.



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