Smart Brain

A provincial capital city in North China launched the “City Brain” project to promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence with the real economy, expand and strengthen the digital economy, and create new industries, new formats, and new models that meet local positioning.

Smart Cloud

We provide intensive public support services for the smart brain and consolidate the city’s smart infrastructure, including hardware, software and AI as a service.

level linkage digital cockpit

We build a three-level linkage “brain” + “micro brain” platform at district level, street level, and community level to accomplish urban data resource sharing, service resource interconnection, team force coordination, and decision-making and command linkage.


We build an urban application aggregation hub that integrates the service center, emergency response center, social service center, government affairs center, and data management center.

pilot applications

From the leadership of party building, people’s livelihood protection, economic development, emergency command and other major sectors, more than 100 smart applications such as smart electricity, smart education, campus security, safe communities, smart parking, bright kitchens and stoves have been utilized.


Through the construction of “district – street – community” three-level linkage digital cockpit, to achieve a district-wide governance network, “small things do not go out of the community, big things do not go out of the street, major problems in the district to solve”

Extending the reach of government services to enhance people’s sense of access, happiness and security

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