Maintenance And Optimization Of Asia’s Leading Wind Power Companies


Our client is Forbes Asia’s top 100 companies, product sales cover China, the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries.
The challenge is high maintenance costs for wind turbines.
AI predicts and warns of abnormal operation of wind turbines, helping customers save maintenance costs significantly.


Traditional wind turbine maintenance is to fix the problem after the failure occurs. The maintenance process is complicated, the maintenance cycle is long, and the maintenance cost is high;
The status of the wind turbine cannot be displayed on time. Failure can only be detected and maintained. At the same time, the shutdown causes huge economic losses.


We use temperature sensors to monitor the temperature measurement points of the entire fan in real-time, and build a model of the fan’s operating temperature curve;
With Real-time analysis of massive temperature data, the system can identify abnormal fan operations beforehand and send warnings;
It also constructs a wind turbine anomaly detection and perception prediction model.

1~2 Weeks

Identify potential faults in advance

0.2~0.4 Million Yuan

Maintenance cost reduction

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