The Yield Rate Of Leading Global Photovoltaic Companies Has Increased


Our client is the world’s top three new energy companies, with the largest scales in photovoltaic materials, silicon materials production. Their business covers Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and other regions.

Our core team use AI technology to analyse the key factors that affect the yield rate, recommend the optimal parameters, and increase the yield rate.


The slicing process heavily relies on personal experience;
The defect rate in the production process of silicon wafers for solar cells is too high, resulting in difficulties in efficiency improvement.


Monitor the production parameter curve, recommend the best parameters and improve the yield rate.
Analyse the key factors that cause the defective rate, and recommend the quality of suppliers and raw materials


The slicing yield rate is increased by 1%, which significantly reduces the defective rate of solar cell silicon wafers

▲100 Million

After the decline in the defective rate of solar cell silicon wafers, the net profit increase 100 million yuan per year

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