Sia-pacific’s leading local life platform intelligent dispatch system


Asia Pacific’s leading local lifestyle platform. To date, the online takeaway trading platform has covered 2,000 cities, with 1.3 million franchised restaurants and 260 million users.
Our core team uses an intelligent scheduling solution powered by an AI decision engine to help customers solve delivery delays caused by manual order dispatch.


Delivering 3 million orders per day, requiring consideration of the speed at which 1 million restaurants are dispatched, the respective riding speeds of over 1.8 million riders, the time it takes for each customer to come downstairs to pick up their food, and the speed of delivery in different areas and in different weather.
Manual order dispatching often leads to delivery delays and inefficient scheduling.

Solution:Smart scheduling and dispatching platform

Multi-dimensional data such as the rider’s speed, restaurant location, delivery destination and weather are integrated into the AI to plan and optimize the delivery route.

▼12 Min

Average meal delivery time reduced from 42 minutes to 30 minutes

¥100 Million

Annual labor cost savings

$9.4 billion%

Our clinet’s valuation raised to 9.4 billion dollars from 3billion dollars after digitalisation.

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