QT Raises over US$20m in Series A, led by Gaorong Capital
By Ma Si   Chinadaily   2020-06-09

Chinese tech startup QuadTalent, which offers digital transformation solutions, announced on Tuesday that it has closed over $20 million in Series-A financing led by Gaorong Capital, with an estimated post-money valuation close to $200 million.

Min Wanli, founder and CEO of QuadTalent, introduces the company’s strategy, on Tuesday

QuadTalent was founded in August 2019 by Min Wanli, former chief machine intelligence scientist of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s cloud computing unit.

QuadTalent said the company aims to provide value-oriented data technology and digital transformation solutions to enterprise clients in socially critical industries.

The company said since 2015, its core team members had successfully delivered over 100 digital transformation projects across eight industries, helping clients generate several billions of yuan in revenue.

Leveraging on this extensive experience, QuadTalent said it has already been scaling innovative digital solutions in industries, including manufacturing, retail, smart city, critical infrastructure and logistics.