Datanomix 募集600万美元用于工厂生产监控




“Founded in 2016 and based in Nashua, New Hampshire, Datanomix offers an operations monitoring solution that requires no operator input and automatically benchmarks production using only manufacturing equipment data.Datanomix’s dashboards deliver statuses on factory KPIs and allow users to drill down into specific metrics, jobs, and clients at any time. The platform can connect to existing enterprise resource management systems for maintenance, tuning, and calibration workloads and supports alerts to notify customers when conditions.
There were three significant gaps in the real-time factory data market that we sought to address: (1) Is this data meaningful enough right now that it can change my day in progress? (2) Does the system deliver information in such a way that it naturally aligns with the chaotic workflow of manufacturing people? and (3) Is the data contextual enough that it can immediately improve my estimating/costing/profitability metrics?”



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